MEASURE 1 Supporters and Endorsements

"A vote for Measure 1 is not a Republican, Democrat or Independent vote, but an American vote. It is a vote for open, ethical government and will put an end to anyone, inside or outside of North Dakota, from buying influence."

Judge Thomas A. Davies, Presided over Fargo Municipal Court for 45 years and practiced law for 55 years




AAUW Dickinson  -  AAUW Fargo-Moorhead  -  AAUW Jamestown 

Bismarck Backyard Club   -  Ironworkers Local 512   -  Represent Bismarck-Mandan 

Represent Fargo


"Our North Dakota government must always be of, by and for the people of North Dakota. Measure 1 will help ensure that this will be so."

Bruce Hagan, Retired Public Service Commissioner


"When a major corporation can give a state official a gift worth close to $40,000, you know there is a problem."

Susan Wefald, Retired Public Service Commissioner & Author


"I believe an ethics code and an ethics commission, to assist in interpreting that code, is something that would improve the credibility of state officials and would increase the confidence the people of ND have in decisions made by our elected officials."

Gordy Smith, Retired State Audit Manager


"Opponents of Measure 1 are arguing that the measure would violate First Amendment free speech rights by requiring individuals to report personal expenses incurred when testifying or otherwise trying to influence legislation or other actions by public officials.  This is a straw man argument that has no merit because the language in Measure 1 is a mandate to the Legislative Assembly to enact legislation and that legislation should be drafted to address the intent of the constitutional measure without violating the First Amendment."

John Olsrud, Retired Director of ND Legislative Council



Allen Hoberg: Attorney General's office (retired), Legislative Council (retired), attorney

Bob Peterson: former ND State Auditor 

Bruce Hagan: former Public Service Commissioner 

Byron Dorgan: former US Senator

Darrell Dorgan: journalist

David Schwalbe: rancher

Dina Butcher: agriculture, state government, community services 

Earl Pomeroy: Former US Congressman

Ellen Chaffee: Former President of VCSU & Mayville

Gordy Smith: former State Audit Manager 

Jeanne Prom: tobacco prevention and control policy

John Stern: business owner

Kathy Tweeten: NDSU extension service (retired)

Kent Conrad: Retired US Senator

Mary Rennich: human rights advocate

Rebecca Thiem: attorney

Sarah Vogel: former Agriculture Commissioner

Susan Wefald: former Public Service Commissioner

Judge Thomas A. Davies: Presided over Fargo Municipal Court

Waylon Hedegaard: labor leader


It's the right thing to do--just makes good sense.
Kathy Tweeten, Treasurer of North Dakotans for Public Integrity