What is the North Dakota Anti-Corruption Amendment?


The North Dakota Anti-Corruption Amendment seeks to increase transparency, reform lobbying and conflicts of interest rules, and create an ethics commission.

The Amendment:

  • Bans foreign money from elections: Prohibits campaign contributions and election spending by foreign corporations, foreign countries, and foreign nationals.
  • Prevents personal use of campaign money: Protects the ban on personal use of campaign contributions for personal expenses by enshrining it in the constitution.
  • Increases transparency: Requires that all significant amounts of money raised or spent to influence state elections be fully disclosed and placed online for the public to see.
  • Bans lobbyist gifts: Restricts gifts from lobbyists to public officials.
  • Closes the revolving door: Bans elected public officials from also serving as lobbyists, and makes it illegal for public officials to take jobs as lobbyists for two years after leaving office.
  • Roots out conflicts of interest: Strengthens conflict-of-interest rules for members of state agencies.
  • Holds public officials accountable: Creates a nonpartisan ethics commission to receive and investigate ethics complaints, set ethics rules, and provide ethics training programs.

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