Who Wrote Measure 1?

Who Wrote Measure 1?


Meet the founders of Measure 1

The North Dakota Anti-Corruption Amendment was developed over the course of a year, starting in early 2017, with input from a broad grassroots network of North Dakotans, extensive research on other states, pro bono North Dakota attorneys, and experts from a variety of non-profit national pro-democracy organizations across the political spectrum.

The North Dakotan committee at the heart of the process made all final decisions about the provisions of Measure 1, drawing on a diverse array of perspectives to craft a policy proposal that represents a shared sense of common ground about the kind of transparent and accountable government that North Dakota voters deserve.

Members of the core group, representing over 150 years of elected and appointed service to the state of North Dakota, are:

Dina Butcher - ND service: agriculture, human rights, community services (retired)

Ellen Chaffee - ND service: three universities and the system office (retired)

Darrell Dorgan - journalist

Waylon Hedegaard - labor leader

Allen Hoberg - ND service: administrative hearings, Legislative Council, AG’s office (retired); attorney

Jeanne Prom - ND service: tobacco prevention and control policy (form

Rebecca Thiem - attorney

Kathy Tweeten - ND service: extension service (retired)

Sarah Vogel - ND service: agriculture; attorney

Susan Wefald - ND service: Public Service Commission (retired)